WhenHub Booklet

WhenHub Booklet is a WhenHub Visualization to view your photos, life-events and even lists as if, you are reading a book! The UI is completely configurable wherein the user can choose the type of Papers in the Booklet, be it Handmade papers, Crumpled ones, Writing Pad or even Legal Pad - all with different colours as well. Using WhenHub Themes, user can change the Buttons and related UI elements to achieve better UX/UI experience.

WhenHub Booklet allows you to visualize your memories in a creative way, as if it is a part of a book. You can swipe around to turn pages and thereby, Cherish old Memories.

The Events are displayed with below details, on each Page:

  • Date
  • Name
  • Description
  • Image
  • Links

On clicking the Image, the Detail View is displayed, to see the complete event details.

Use Cases

WhenHub booklet can be used in below scenarios:

How we built it

WhenHub Booklet is built using WhenHub Composer Studio, using HTML, CSS, Javascripts and open-source frameworks like jQuery, Bootstrap and Turn.js. The Visualization uses configurable settings through which the user can change the Background Paper of the Booklet.

It supports all basic Lists of WhenHub and also works seamlessly on all devices - Laptop and Mobiles.

Challenges we ran into

Achieving Responsive Design for the Booklet to work on all devices.

What's next for WhenHub Booklet

To add more configurations, so that the user can complete creative freedom to create his booklet.

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