Maps visually monopolize the dimensions of space. When a time scale gets stuck piggybacking on one of these dimensions it's a problem. An event occurring earlier, at the left of the time scale, may be spatially located on the right. Another event occurring later, at the right of the time scale, could be spatially located on the left. They're visually flip flopped. Add 15 more events to the same map and now your eyes can't guess where to go.

Having inconsistent visual cues is the same as having none. To display this information with visual consistency we need to kick time out of the spatial dimensions.

What it does

Color gradients can display linear information independent of space. Perfect! My WhenHub visualization simply uses color as the consistent visual cue connecting the time and location of events.

How I built it

Photoshop and Marvel

Challenges I ran into

Deciding which scenarios to leave out of the demo. For example, the visualization UI does not account for a tour split between say late 2017 and early 2018.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The mock ups themselves early on became the quickest reference for building out the remaining images. They proved useful in practice.

What I learned

Chances of a Comic Convention NOT listing the venue address on their website is 60%.

What's next for WhenHub Best Visualization (DESIGN) Comic Booth Tour

Maybe a real visualization and a real tour.

Built With

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