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Note: Billing was turned off for the project, but a demo is shown in the video submission. It works and is deployed extremely easily with firebase. However, the cron job costs money to run.

when2check is a platform built by Adam Fleishaker and Mitchell Dodell as part of Codestellation 2020.


The inspiration for this project was due to us relying on when2meet for group meetings in the asynchronous landscape that is COVID-19. when2meet is a pretty bare website, and you have to constantly check if people have filled it out. when2check allows you to see when people have filled out your when2meets, and be notified every hour by email or text.

What it does

when2check allows you to create events through the interface, specifying several fields:

  • the title of the event
  • the date range of the event
  • the potential times of the event
  • when the user would like to receive notifications until
  • how many users they expect to fill out the notification

How I built it

We built the website using React, Firebase (Firestore, Cloud Functions, Hosting, Authentication), Puppeteer, and the SendGrid/Twilio API.

It scrapes when2meet using a headless instance of puppeteer, which allows us to create events through the event and then get their availability.

Challenges I ran into

Developing code to scrape from when2meet, which doesn't necessarily provide identifiers for a lot of its components, so we had to calculate certain fields.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Extending when2meet's functionality in both email and text notification, as well as an extended interface in the duration of the hackathon!

What I learned

We learned how to utilize Firebase's various components, Puppeteer, the SendGrid API, and refreshed our knowledge on React and Twilio.

What's next for when2check

Future iterations could include Slack and other integrations, multiple subscribers, and more targeted notifications, or a complete re-write of when2meet.

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