When Is good has an ugly UI and doesn't work on mobile devices. Our goal is to improve on this and make a seamless experience to allow people to schedule meet-ups on any device

What it does

Better UI + Paint Functionality

How we built it

Fullstack Application, PERN stack (postgres, Express, React, Node).

Challenges we ran into

Painting functionality, tight on time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a functional app with a sick front end!

What we learned

So much, hammerJS for manipulating screen events, nextJS, postgres, styling for mobile, sick frontend designs

What's next for When Is Better?

Now, it only works on mobile devices, which will likely be the use case for most people. It would take only slightly more time to optimize the desktop experience.

We plan to go live next week, and hopefully public in a year or two. Down the road we're thinking of using smarterAds to monetize, as well as hiring public promoters. We may also use docker and kubernetes to spin up new containers in case we get high traffic, and we plan to add machine learning for predictive capabilities. Also Twilio to send reminders.

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