If this is often a case that you need to ask some of your friends about where they are at the moment or when exactly can you expect them to arrive in certain place where you meet - than this app is for you !. Being updated on that is especially useful if some of your friends are regular late comers to parties or meetings. It is a process of writing and sending group SMS and waiting for individual answers. With this app we want to make it easier.

Our solution allows in the first place to use Gear2 to send group SMS questions to all contacts from your friend list that you can define in the mobile app. SMS recipients are asked to answer with just number of minutes.

Than app waits for all responses to arrive or until 90 seconds pass. After that Gear smartwatch app shows summary times received in a single view. Smartwatch Gear app main advantage is that you can no longer separately read similar messages coming at different times. You're getting all answers in one short report. Therefore you can ask questions and see replies in a glimpse of an eye also while on the go !

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