Last year, one teammate was teaching as a volunteer in Ol Pejeta, Kenya. He clearly remembered how every school there hoped for a basic computer lab that school could use to teach the students more about the world. Such goal already existed for quite a few years and none of the schools there was unable to find any used computers. However, our teammate knows that several firms from Jinan, China, his hometown, have a great amount of out-dated computers. From then on, these firms have been donating computers for the schools in Ol Pejeta. Yet there are countless amount of such goods, not limited to computers, that mean nothing in the developed regions but could change the lifestyles of people living in underdeveloped regions. Thus, we decided to build a universal and global platform, WheeShare, to serve as the link between the willing donors and the people in need.

What it does

Those with unwanted items can go to our website or app and set them for donation. Those who need certain kind of items can use the platform to search for such items.

How I built it

Using XCode, we built an app and a website that implement our idea. When we encountered technical problems, we searched online resources including Google, StackOverflow and Apple Developer Doc, and tried to alter the solutions of other problems into our solutions.

Challenges I ran into

App: Adaptation to different phone screen sizes. Adding photo in the app. Connecting the app with online data holder - Parse. Saving and retrieving images online. Adding the mailing and calling functions with one click.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

App: Solved all the challenges required to build such a platform. The app is able to provide information to everyone, anywhere.

What I learned

App: Functions that must be overriden in certain Swift classes. Calling other apps inside the app. Implementation of UITableViewController. Saving and retrieving data online. Using static cells in tableview.

What's next for WheeShare

Adding search options and location function in iNeed to let people choose charity items near them. Using AutoLayout of XCode to provide a better view on all devices. Publishing the app to actually benefit everyone.

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