WheelShare is a web application which we came up with because of the experiences we had recently in Houston due to Harvey. One of our friend got stuck there as she didn't have a car and couldn't find ride back. This inspired us to come up with an idea which will help people connect with each other to get to places by sharing rides. There are a lot of people who don't have car or their car brakes down or they run out of fuel. Through this web application one can go anywhere anytime by sharing a car without or with minimal expense. Like in case of emergencies , distasters this web application comes handy.

what do our app do

Our application WheelShare has two users- Driver and Passanger. Passanger has the facility to create a ride request or search for a ride. Driver has the facility to create a rides which he would provide or search for a riders.

According to ride details, they can search for rides and contact them through phone no.


We will be integrating our application into mobile app later. Facility of calling

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