One of the team member's father is handicapped and he would enjoy being able to track his pushing the way a runner does with a fitbit. This project is dedicated to him.

What it does

We built an working model that when placed on a wheel chair, will accurately sensor the data and send the analytics into an android app.

How I built it

We build the WheelBit using an Arduino 101 with Bluetooth capability so the connection to a personal phone is efficient

Challenges I ran into

During this project we dealt with limited supplies to build a working model. Because we wanted to focus on developing a working prototype, we did not have the time to implement API. Being a young team of Software Engineers, there was a steep learning curve in order to get the project to work. There were issues getting the BluetoothSocket to connect properly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being exposed to Android app development

What I learned

How to connect an Arduino to an Android phone using Bluetooth capabilities.

What's next for WheelBit

Working on 3-D printed models, developing an iOS supported application, and a working prototype.

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