While watching the game show Wheel of Fortune, I am amazed at how contestants can raise to an answer with only a few alphabets revealed. It's also thrilling to see how people win tens of thousands of money with talent or good luck, or how they unfortunately bankrupt or miss the chance. It will be a good chance of practice if we can code the game into a web application.

What it does

In this game, two players can take turns to guess the phrase with a hint provided. They can spin the wheel and get a reward from $500 to $2500 or lose a turn, or get bankrupt. This all depends on luck. They can guess whether an alphabet is in the phrase and win a reward or lose a turn. The players can also buy a vowel to increase their chance of winning at the expense of $250.

How I built it

We built it using mainly React and JavaScript. We implement two components, Game and Board to simulate the Wheel of Forture game.

Challenges I ran into

We are all new to React. So it's basically coding and googling. We have trouble figuring out why submit won't work for form. It turns out we need to bind handleClick function to the component. The worst task is to debug because there are no debug tool and we cannot even print the variables.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we eventually figure out how to implement a turn-based multiplayer game using React.

What I learned

We've learned really a bunch knowledge of React and JavaScript, for example, how to construct a component, how to render a component, how to handle form submission, how to set state and get state information, and how to establish a framework for web app.

What's next for Wheel of Fortune 2Player Simulation

We may try to add more rules to the game, like different prizes in different runs including Free Play wedge and Wild Card. We will also try to make the UI/UX more user friendly and aesthetically appealing. We may add functions such as restart game and show the answer.

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