We believe that a real smart city is one which seeks to facilitate the lives of all their inhabitants, especially the ones who have special needs. Traveling when you are in a wheelchair can be very difficult especially when staying in hotels. A hotel room advertised as wheelchair-friendly will probably have been designed with certain norms but that does not make the room or even the hotel truly accessible for a person in a wheelchair. The only people who can truly attest to a room's accessibility are the people who have the mobility restriction. Our platform will enable them to do so and to share this information with the restricted-mobility community.

What it does

A platform that will enable users to find wheelchair-friendly hotels in montreal and see reviews made by other people with their mobilty restrictions. Users are encouraged to review places themselves to build a rich database to help their own community directly.

How we built it

nginx node.js firebase

Challenges we ran into

nginx node.js firebase

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Not giving up when the node.js and mySQL would not cooperate

What we learned

nginx node.js firebase

What's next for Wheel Easy

We would like to implement different tabs on the website that would contain different maps for different disabilities. Ex a tab for people who have decreased visibility could include hotels who accept guide dogs.

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