Workplace Harassment Complaint Management System

20% of adults in the US have been a victim of workplace harassment. The primary targets of harassment at workplace is women. Around 50% of all women in the workforce have been the victim of sexual harassment. The matter does not end at harassment. In 75% cases, where the victims have spoken up, they have faced retaliation. Despite worldwide technological progress, innovation, and development, it appears that some still prefer to live in the dark ages. These criminals get pleasure by harassing their colleagues instead of adding value to the corporation by following their responsibilities. In most cases, they don't pay for their crimes, because the victims rarely speak up due to fear, shame, and disrespect. The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission estimates that 75% of workplace harassment incidents get buried. The crime continues under the pretext of friendship. In the dimly lit conference rooms, in office parties, or sometimes in plain sight, these predators are always on the lookout for their next prey.

The corporations need a weapon to win in this unfair battle against predators at the workplace. They need to give the victims a clear channel to voice their complaints. That's where WHCMS can make a huge difference. WHCMS is an enterprise app built on the appian platform that can become the missing weapon in a corporation's arsenal in its fight against predators on its payroll. With WHCMS, workplace harassment complaints can be filed, monitored, and investigated in one place. The app can be incorporated multiple ways. It can be made accessible to the members of the human resource cell responsible for workplace harassment incidents. The victims can then come to the cell where the representatives will file the complaint based on information provided by the victim. It can also be made accessible to all employees so that anyone can file a complaint from the privacy of their desk at the office or home and then the complaint will be processed by the human resource department's anti-harassment cell. To submit a new complaint, the victim needs to submit detailed information such as, complaint title, type, victim information, perpetrator information, time, location, details, and witnesses. In addition to that, the victim can also submit evidence as an attachment. When a complaint is submitted, it is added to the dashboard. On the dashboard, the administrator can sort and filter the complaints based on multiple criteria. The list of records can be also be exported to excel from the dashboard. The app has analytics page where detailed complaint statistics can be viewed in addition to details. Top workplace harassment complaint creators and recent workplace harassment complaints by month are available that will be very useful during a review. Detailed analytics will also be helpful in giving the human resource cell a bird-eye view of the situation. The app also has a dedicated tasks page where tasks associated with the investigation of a complaint can be created, assigned and tracked.

Women should not feel unsafe at work. A corporation that fails to provide a safe and secure workplace to its female employees will certainly not be in operation for long, even if it grows at an exponential pace in the short term. It's not only an unethical practice to allow harassment at work but it also hurts employee productivity as it is difficult for a woman to continue working whole-heartedly and to contribute to the corporation's growth if she constantly feels oppressed. A corporation that uses WHCMS efficiently will definitely be able to make its workplaces an ideal place for women to work in just a matter of months, or less.

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