Like many people I am frustrated by the difficulty to find shows or Movies across the spectrum. I decided to provide a PoC as first step to build a set of applications aimed to provide a quick and easy access to the live broadcast and on- demand library offers.

What it does

It allows users to get information about TV shows and movies from Broadcast Networks and OTT services. It simplifies the search by using text, quick replies and voice to obtain quick results

How I built it

Using Facebook page linked to a Messenger FB app which interact with and request information from a external source (TV guide)

Challenges I ran into

The model training and audio manipulation: Using Speech to understand the voice input from Messenger required a audio file manipulation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The integration of the audio processing to interact with WIT. And an attempt to square the UX to some defined options

What I learned

Integration of AI (ML) to provide a new user experience based on Natural Language Processing and voice-first enabled application.

What's next for WhatzOnTV

Focus on training the model in from user inputs and provide the users guidance to easily find information. Diving in conversational AI. Integration of in the future minimalist website to allow a natural UX with the user. Build recommendation based on usage data.

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