You go to a new restaurant, but have no idea what to order. The next table ordered something that looks so enticing, but you cannot find it on the menu, and you do not want to be too nosy to ask. With WhatTheyOrdered, one click you see the exact menu items others have ordered, and one more click to order one for yourself.

What it does

It queries the restaurant database to find out open orders. Allow user to select a table nearby and see exactly what the table ordered. If something looks good, it can place a new order. In the future, it queries Places API first to find local favorite restaurant.

How I built it

Build Android App calling Clover library to get list of open orders in the current restaurant. Parse and display orders. When an order is chosen, placed a new order for the current user.

Challenges I ran into

WebApp API has several problems that forced me to switch to design on Android.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Fully exercised Clover's WebApp API and found many bugs. Spent most time trying to get the WebApp to work, but turns out not possible because of a bug, yet still have enough time to switch to building an Android App instead.

What I learned

Clover and MasterCard APIs are cool and have a lot of capabilities.

What's next for WhatTheyOrdered

Integrate with Mastercard places API to find local favorite restaurant, then click to find out what dish is popular within the restaurant. This scenario is perfect for a tourist visiting a new city and want to experience the local favorite.

Build out the WebApp for users to use on their mobile phone. Handle security and privacy better.

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