Improving television is a very interesting challenge. The content we watch is already on the biggest screen in the house in all of its great HD quality. We love watching shows on the television, but we ALL hate searching through all those thousands of channels to find the show we want to watch. Channel surfing feels a lot more like hunting, and I'm looking to provide subscribers with a big frickin spear to catch their show quickly and effortlessly.

What it does

WhatsUpNext is a mobile app that is centered around one button that will change the channel for you. When you sign up, you will designate the shows and channels you love. Then, while you're watching live TV, you can shuffle through all of your favorite content. From the shows saved on your DVR, to your favorite channels, WhatsUpNext will bring you what you really want to see. When the commercials come on, you can turn on "I'm watching this" mode. The app will remember which channel you were watching, and turn back to your favorite program when it thinks the show should be back on the air.

How I built it

I used Android Studio to build the app's framework, and connect to DirectTv's set-top box with a few simple JavaScript commands.

Challenges I ran into

There is a clear battle between advertisers and subscribers with this app. Coming up with a solution to both parties is a very interesting challenge. If everyone is happy, that makes is a lot more possible for a provider like DirecTv to support an app like this.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm very proud of the effectiveness of such a simple idea. I'm even more proud that I took on a project with a few areas that Im' not at all familiar with, but gave it my all and just figured a bunch of things out. For example, I've never used web languages or done a hardware based hack before.

What I learned

You can really do anything with the proper support. And great Ideas can be very simple. It's about weather they solve a problem and could be relevent.

What's next for WhatsUpNext

Definitely going to finish development, and add several features to put it in the Android store. Also, I plan on looking into what other services this app can work for (Verizon, Comcast, ...)

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