Doctors spend valuable time - and hence money - doing repetitive tasks that could be solved by conversational assistants. One example is when writing prescriptions - why tell the patient what they're prescribing, only to write it down again? WhatsUpDoc listens to Doctor speak and automatically transcribes any prescription - cutting prescription writing time in half!

WhatsUpDoc will also check with your insurance plan to make sure the prescribed drug is covered, and suggest alternatives if it isn't! No more going back and forth between your doctor and pharmacist.

WhatsUpDoc will drastically increase patient quality of care by allowing doctors to focus on seeing more patients and making each visit more efficient.

What it does

When the doctor is prescribing a drug, WhatsUpDoc listens and transcribes. Then we check against the Canadian Drug Product Database and the patient's insurance policy to make sure it is covered - suggesting alternatives if need be.

How we built it

We built the language processing (A.S.R.), using the Nuance Mix API with custom vocabulary.

What's next for WhatsUpDoc

WhatsUpDoc is just the tip of the iceberg. The assistant could also check for drug interactions, allergies, and each patient's medical history. We envision a continuous personalized healthcare ecosystem.

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