Ever been to a party where you kept pestering the host about what they Wifi is? And then they tell you the Wifi and you feel awks about making them repeat themselves because you didn't hear it correctly the first time. Well i have so with this i hope to be able to stop the awkward interactions and also to stop people from asking me and also me asking people what the Wifi is.

What it does

Tap to connect to wifi instead

How I built it

I build it using the Seeed NFC shield and also with a knockoff arduino uno (since the real thing is expensivvve). The app is built using android and the user just needs to have it installed but they don't need to have it open in order to connect

Challenges I ran into

Libraries!!!! The documentation on NFC libraries are trash. Most the code is undocumented so i spent majority of the time just sifting through documentation and trying to find out how to utilize NFC

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting this completed!!! So i can use this at my next party and people can stop bothering me about the wifi password

What I learned

NFC is hard without documentation! Good documentation is sooo important.

What's next for WhatsTheWifi

Hopefully this is help the next generation stop asking "what's the wifi" and being super annoying. Also to help stop those awkward conversations

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