Me and my friend both experience a similar problem on a daily basis, when is all of our friends free too meet up. When figuring out when one busy and that is only whoever you want to meet its simple to lead the way. However for instance when given 5 or 6 friends that are organizing a meetup it, all those days and times that each person is busy seems to complicate everything so much more. Also I have learnt that google calendar is essentially a life planner to some in this day and age, and to help with those users we have added functionality to use the google calendars API to check for busy time slots. To.To solve this problem

What it does

It accepts dates and time of each person that is busy and compiles a list of times they could meet up in a weeks window. Also it uses google calendar optionally if you would like to import your calendar.

How we built it

We started by tinkering with fire base and worked our way up, java script was a mostly new language for the both of us, hence making it step of the way a learning tutorial. We then worked out or algorithm for sorting and finding good days and times, and lastly we implemented google calendar and there API.

Challenges we ran into

Along the way we ran into many troubles firstly Firebase API was new for both of us, however the guys at the Firebase booth were amazing and helped us every step of the way. Then it was simply us having a very limited knowledge of java script, so we had to crash course ourselfs. Lastly we had to create a efficient algorithm for our program and after allot of attempts to the drawing board we have achieved it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finished our app with a 2 man team. Used multiple API's in one application.

What we learned

Know Firebase really well, and understand its main functions and how to use it. Know allot more java script. So much experience with working with API's.

What's next for Whatstheplan

We hope to release it on the web and have it deployed ready for public use, and if received well it could be converted into an android or iPhone application.

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