What's On?


What's On? is a Telegram bot that provides an interface to IBM Watson for analysing the mood of posts and comments on reddit.


  • /help Send help message
  • /rs <string> : Evaluate the mood of a raw message sent to the bot
  • /ut <username> : Evaluate the mood of the last comment made by <username> on reddit

Try it out

You can try the bot here

Install your own bot

To install the bot on your server, clone the repo, rename the credentials.py.example file to credentials.py. Create a telegram bot with Botfather, and fill in the BOT_TOKEN in credentials.py. Finally, add your own credentials from IBM Bluemix to access the Watson API.

You also need to install the dependencies:

Your bot is ready! Launch it with ./server.py or python3 server.py.


Raw string Reddit username Social characteristics

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