How often have you wanted to grab lunch or dinner but couldn't decide where to go? We take the guesswork out of going out and help connect our customers with awesome local businesses they'll love.

What it does

We ask a few questions about your preferences, time, and budget then give you a simple, curated list of the best fits for you, ready to go now.

How we built it

Python-based back-end with a REST API, coupled with a React Native front-end for mobile devices.

Challenges we ran into

React syntax, issues calling the API. Minor issues with integration of many moving parts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Built a functional Web service to help young adults discover the best local restaurants for their individual preferences that can be called on at any time while developing a beautiful native mobile app to serve as the interface for it.

What we learned

Improve test cases and respond quickly to issues discovered in production, but build in versatility and modularity into the code from the start to make this inevitable process less painful.

What's next for WhatsNext

Finish up minor features of the UI and deploy to a production build on mobile devices. Eventually, publish to the App Store and Google Play!

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