An emoji gaming platform that is hosted through text serving company Nexmo. It is a new, fun and creative way to game with emojis and text. Users can simply text a dedicated mobile number to play old school arcade style games.

Won 1st place for the best use of Nexmo Sponsor Challenge at TechCrunch Disrupt New York 2015.

Video Pitch Demo:

Featured on Enterprise SPARKS Issue 6: Acing the Disrupt Hackathon.


Bored and sick of the video games you play ? Wanna find out "What's Next"?

You're in luck ! We are bringing you a new, creative and fun way to game with emojis and text services!

Play old school arcade style games like Space Invaders, Bingo and Word Scramble all within 70 text characters.

So.. Are you game? Text "What's Next?" to 1 239 900 0619 and play!

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