Well I was inspired to make this because of the contest and because of my need to Gamify everything.

How it works

The Game works by having you take a picture of yourself but it prompts you to make a face that corresponds with a random prompt. You then send that photo to your friends and they must guess what face you made and then send a selfie back.

Challenges I ran into

Getting images to store on parse and then downloading them. Deleting images off of parse after they have been viewed. User Registration and finding friends.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm pretty happy with all of it.

What I learned

Gamify Everything!

What's next for WhatSnap?

Android store? restyling, and using fragments instead of activities for everything. Ideally i want to write a server side version using twilio which allows people to text a number, get a prompt, send a picture through mms and do it that way as well.

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