The fame of IBM Watson and potential of AI to shape the future of music industry.

What it does

It makes IBM Watson sing any famous song by singer and song name input with a background music.

How I built it

I used IBM Watson API from a web application that I coded in Python. Once a song is sang, it is saved for the future so that the API doesn't need to be called all the time. The calls are only needed for the new song inputs.

Challenges I ran into

Coming up with a single day, single person futuristic project that benefits from AI. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to join to a team.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing the project.

What I learned

There is still progress that needs to be done for an AI to take over the singing industry. However, IBM Watson certainly has some potential especially if a speech model for signing gets generated.

What's next for WhatSing

Change the reading pitches by doing some sentimental analysis of the songs. Take custom song text from the user.

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