The beginning of every semester students struggle with the question of whether to buy or rent their materials for class such as their textbooks, clickers, or other study materials and where to go about doing so. The majority of the time, other students are the cheapest option for obtaining those supplies. Going through the Facebook Textbook Exchange is a hassle and it not the easiest scrolling through thousands of offers without even knowing if they are still available. To solve this, we have developed Whatsin.

What it does

Whatsin is a website where students have the choice to either search for or offer materials in their communities. Whatsin currently serves only students at UF.

How we built it

We used HTML with Bootstrap to create the front-end of the website. We also used nodeJS with the express framework, and MongoDB as a database.

Challenges we ran into

Our group took this project as a challenge due to our lack of knowledge in the field of web development so connecting the front and back-end of our website was our toughest challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very happy with the way our page looks and the success we have had thus far in the time we had.

What we learned

Two of our group members had no experience with web development at all and we can now say that both feel comfortable coding with HTML and CSS. Our other two group members have had a bit of experience coding for web development so to be able to say that we have successfully joined both ends to make a site with a database has been a feat worth silently bragging about.

What's next for Whatsin

We would love to add a delete feature to our website so the user can delete an item once it has been sold. We are working on getting the website live and public, but if that is not achievable we would like to get to that at some point.

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