Being a super diverse group of strangers we had a great idea flow.

We went through ideas ranging from financial budgeting, reinforcement learning, posture tracking, Q&A bots.

Suddenly we started talking about food orders in the office and with co-workers.
There was a lot of energy around the topic we all chipped in the following problems:

  1. Choosing a place
  2. Collecting everyone’s individual orders and changes they might make
  3. Remind latecomers
  4. Placing the order manually
  5. Recurring (having to do the same EVERY SINGLE DAY)

After this it was settled, we started sketching a solution to automate the process leveraging a Chat Bot powerd by a NLP engine combined with convasational AI.


The biggest challenge was being the first WhatsApp Chatbot. They recently launched their first API.
Being disciplined to cut out great features that we all want but will have to come later because of time constraints.


It pays-off to stay super focused on the MVP, don’t let the big features creep back in. Open and direct group communication make it fun and rewarding.

Venturing off the beaten path and using brand new APIs without tutorials.

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