Our inspiration?

We are strong believers that the best interface is no interface.

What is it?

That's why we have created WhatsBot: an artificially intelligent assistant that can help you find the best places to meet with your friends, colleagues or family.

Where can I find WhatsBot?

You can find it here: + 44 748 134 2229

How does it work?

Simply add the WhatsBot to your WhatsApp directory and add it to your conversations so it can help you plan your next meetings thanks to Esri API.

WhatsBot can tell you how far you are from someone you are writing to on WhatsApp and thanks to Foursquare, it can automatically suggest you some nice places to meet in.

What happen if I am mean to WhatsBot?

We don't know.. We recommend you are very polite with WhatsBot since it has a lot of work to do and this makes it highly sensitive...

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