I recently came across an whatsapp msg from a private bank for advertisement offer in RD ,FD , Investment Plans and from mobile network provider to enable and disable plans and ask any issue to their support person through whatsapp itself. that inspired me to do this project .

What it does

  send whatsapp message to end customer and customer can interact with us . automate new offer and welcome message to them . send alert messages to sales people when new customer comes in to the product . run a campaign to our leads and contacts to convey a common message to them

How I built it

 using react , firebase , webhook , gcp , cloud schedular  , twilio whatsapp account

Challenges I ran into

  status call of the messages whether it is sent , delivered and read by the end customer 

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

participated in coding round in collage events and won . 

What I learned

gcp , firebase , react basics

What's next for WhatsApp Channel

this has been built with twilio account , need to add others way of integration to use whatsapp business account send multimedia message to customer and documents based on new condition schedule a campaign like customers in this segment should receive a particular message

Built With

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