Whatsapp is a popular communication platform, business users are comfortable using it. We have teams who today heavily rely on Whatsapp as their main communication channel. In the Atlassian ecosystem, no good option is available which works with Whatsapp, and the Atlassian community has requested this time and again so we decided to build an integration that works for outbound as well as inbound messages.

What it does

Whatsapp Assitant For JIRA helps in improving engagement with various stakeholders and improves turn around time of requests.

Too many email notifications are generated and at times it's easy to miss an important notification so you can subscribe to important issues so you don't miss out on critical updates.

We offer a conversational interface to report issues so business users and customers can easily report issues. Customers can say things like "I am having a problem" or "facing issue", Whatsapp Assistant will ask for relevant details and create an issue for the user and share back the unique key with him. Business users and customers can also check the status of their requests by asking the assistant "What's the status of my issue" or "what's status of my request " or simply "status"

Currently, App offers the following functionalities

Subscribe for updates on important issues
Receive notifications of issue updates on Whatsapp
Report issues by sending messages
Track status of your issues by sending messages

How we built it

The app is built using the Forge platform, it uses cloud functions and Dialogflow for conversational support. Whatsapp messaging interface is powered by Gupshup

Challenges we ran into

We were hit by and it took us a lot of time to figure it out and apply the workaround suggested

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Today there are not many options available to interface with Whatsapp. We are proud that we could create something as exciting as this. Building a good conversational interface for business users and customers is another thing that we are excited about.

What we learned

Learned about Forge framework, WhatsApp APIs, Dialogflow

What's next for Whatsapp Assitant For JIRA

There are times when senior managers and executives have to approve requests or share their feedback on issues, we believe it will be a lot easier for them to just drop a message instead of having to log into JIRA to do so. For this particular use case, we have already developed functionalities like executing transitions and updating issues via WhatsApp messages. We are using Oauth to ensure security is not compromised. Currently, Oauth apps are not available for public distribution by default hence it's not part of the Submission but we want to bring it to teams soon.

Allow users to connect their bots to Whatsapp Assistant for JIRA

We want to build a strong conversational experience for business users and service management customers so businesses can improve the overall support experience. We would like to further extend this to other messaging channels to give an omni channel experience to business users and service management customers.

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