Have you ever been on your way to the laundry room and you get there, but there are no washers or dryers open? You wasted a whole trip! This is the sort of problem we seek to solve using our advanced button technology. With this technology, people can flip a switch that will communicate with our app “Whats Open?” to show that the washer or dryer is in use. This will allow the user to know when there are open machines, and save them from unnecessary trips to the laundry room.

It does not end there, though! This can be extended to providing information on how many people are in the dining locations, lounges, library, and more. This will allow you to make informed decisions on where you want to spend your time!

What it does

This app uses cutting edge technology to provide the user with information about different locations across the college campus and to provide them with the necessary information to determine which location they would like to go to based on current occupancy, seat availability, and other specific factors. We are working on getting this system up and running for over 10 locations. This will allow students to be able to check on this data without ever leaving their dorm rooms, saving time and effort.

Current Features:

-Laundry Room Availability

-Dining Hall Capacity and Seat Availability

-Notify Me Feature (for available laundry machines)

-On my Way Feature

-Overcrowding Warning

In the Works:

-Reserve a Room

-Study Room Availability

-Online Pre-order at Dining Locations on Campus

-Walk in Tutoring-which tutors are present and which subjects they teach

How we built it

We swift to create an ios app via xcode.

What's next for Whats Open?

We would like to partner with colleges around the U.S. to provide their students with a convenient and affordable app which will better their college experience, ultimately leading to happier students, better grades, and higher enrollment.

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