Seniors have a hard time identifying pills and in their mistake, many take the wrong pills. This is harmful to them and there is an easy solution. In the age of technology and everyone has a smartphone, why not let the elderly take their pills without worry? WhatPill? is where we come in and we have created a native iOS app that allows users to either select a photo from their camera roll or take a photo of the pill case. Once they have done so, a query is sent in the back-end to our custom RubyOnRails API and webscrapes based on text recognition for the pill name. The API then retrieves the data and sends it back to the user on their app. The data consists of the medical uses of the pill and how to properly use the drug. There is the option of using the Interactive Intelligence API to allow the user to implement their number and have the option of getting the data read to them in the form of a phone call.

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