WhatNot is a brand new form of trading that brings people together to swap items they no longer need for something they want. We all have those items in the random corners of our homes that are just sitting and collecting dust; instead of trying to sell them off why not swap with someone who has what you want! The idea of using money turns us away because we believe our society is too focused on the value of something. We want to take you back to the simpler times when we used to trade away those apple slices our parents packed for us in exchange for candy. The idea of our trades isn't to feel ripped off, but for both parties to feel satisfied with getting what makes them happy!

In order to access the main site, go to the url in this application, which is our splash screen (index.html), then click “Sign In” to bring up the sign in box, and leave the username and password blank and click “Sign In” again.  The search page, settings page, and upload page are fully functional.  The dashboard page is currently static, but a demonstration of the dashboard functionality using Twilio is available upon request.  Using the power of Twilio, two users can communicate directly about a potential trade via SMS through the API, without having each other’s phone numbers.  Email is not currently supported.

Everything on our website is loaded using AJAX connected to our PHP API. This allows us to have easy expansion to mobile devices and other services. Each member is able to post to our marketplace and receive real time updates using the Twilio API to directly message prospective transactors. This website was created to provide you with a fun and easy way to clean the house out by filling it with the toys you want. We invite you to explore how easy it is to use our website to hopefully find something that interests you!

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