It is too easy to disregard climate change as an abstract concept. Most of us never really feel its direct effects, and so our natural tendencies as humans is to focus on the present and what’s directly in front of us, often at the cost of society’s long-term (wellbeing). For many people, however, climate-change is too real to ignore. Global warming is driving more frequent catastrophic weather phenomena across the globe, ravaging people’s homes and neighborhoods. Flooding, hurricanes, and fires on the rise, but too many of us still remain sheltered and complacent. With our project, we challenge everyone to consider, “what if it was your neighborhood?” With our evocative site, we use data visualization to provide a poignant reminder that temperatures are rising in your own backyard, and that you are not perpetually safe from the wrath of nature. For those who remain apathetic and skeptical, we’ve trained a cutting-edge deep learning model that allows you to take a satellite image of your own neighborhood and visualize what it will look like when climate-change-related catastrophe comes knocking. Home is where we feel safest, and we hope this imagery will remind users that the entire Earth is our home, and that we can act now to keep it safe for all.

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