In every trip I am looking to meet new friends and spend less time to wait. Every time I guess what happens next? :)

What it does

A web app to play with others in a travel group while waiting your airplane, bus, transfer, queue in a hotel or museum. Tourists can play in the game of guess ,what will happens next in their trip, ie. next location, how long they will wait, what is the number of their room, or anything else. The mission to transform the waiting time into the playful time. Anytime, tour guides can add extra points in the trip in order to make it random. Local businesses can add extra point or question in the trip to get traveller's attention. By answering on questions, travellers will earn virtual coins and be able to spend them on unique personal recommendations, discount in local shops or even meet new friend.

How a tourist get the website?

1 - a tourguide offers user to go the website via QR code 2 - user finds link in a tour-operator website

How a tour guide participates in this platform?

  • He presents the app to travellers, he is able to add new places and fun questions at any time in the trip

How a tour-operator can participates?

  • They add the tour route in the admin panel and provide necessary information for travellers . There is a small yearly fee to participate for tour operators.

How a local business participates in the plaftorm?

  • They add the geolocation of business and write an attractive question in order to get travellers attention and add hashtags to match it with particular travellers interests. The local business pays a small fee (for example 5%) to the tour operator after bookings have been made.

Benefits for all parties:

Local business - to get new customers + to increase brand awareness + to generate revenue

tour-operators - to add value for their service + to get money from local business + to increase brand awareness

tourguides - to increased know how about local activities, less time needed for explanations + to offer enhanced user experience

tourists - exciting and innovative way of getting to know the surroundings and activities nearby. Playful way of creating their individual itinerary and the option to collect coins and receive perks from local providers, after questions have been answered correctly. to get new experience (ask question directly,play)

How I built it

There could be application of AI & ML in the way questions are packaged social media. Initial thought is to make it something that has a responsive UI that is compatible with web and mobile devises

Challenges I ran into

Shooting video was very important and very difficult too. And manage a team was a challenge as well

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

To make it on the time!

What I learned

A lot about travel industry in general because of such great mentors Monika and Zsuzsanna! :)

What's next for WhatHappensNext

Validate the concept & assumptions prior to building a solution. MVP:The initial focus will be on creation of one route with interesting questions and the gamification of whole process.

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