It often comes to our mind that what other people are doing or learning, especially our colleagues or friends. More than that what is more troubling is the fact that often we get overwhelmed by things happening around us. Days are passing by and it is not as if you are not indulging in some fun and good stuff but still you know you can do more or could have done more and then you think can you actually? What is required is better organisation and management of your activities and priorities plus, a right direction and healthy mix of attitude and motivation to help you achieve productivity, growth and peace of mind.

What it does

Whatcha is a place where people can log their daily activities and share what they are working on, what they are learning and what they are exploring. The idea is to boost productivity through sharing your work with the community and through noticing what others are investing their time and effort in. Documenting and sharing your exploits shall help others but much more than it’s for you to reflect on your thoughts and actions and at the same time learn and explore. So enough of “What are you doing?” and more of “just doing”!

How we built it

We first created the tables on the paper so that we can understand the relationship between the kinds of data. Then we started the frontend with react and then gradually started creating the APIs in node. Along with it, we created a setup of a mysql instance on gcp so that our database remains in sync with all the users. Then finally, we integrated frontend with backend and manually tested the whole project.

Challenges we ran into

The most challenging part was working remotely with my teammate in online mode. Regarding the project, the toughest task was to maintain the uniqueness of database tables whenever a new relation between the data came up.

Accomplishments/ Features that we're proud of

  • Google Sign-in
  • Users can Create, Read, Update and Delete Posts
  • Users can add/edit/delete and also like other users comment
  • Image and content for every Post
  • Feed section for all posts
  • Trending section for trending posts
  • Markdown support for "Create new Blog"
  • Blogs section for all blogs
  • Upvotes on a post
  • Edit Profile information

What we learned

We learned how to make use of the power of MySQL. We also made use of gcp for the first time for our project to store the database on cloud. Most importantly, we learned how to structure the code so that the scalability aspect is maintained. We also acquired the skills of teamwork, cooperation and initiation while doing this project.

What's next for Whatcha

  • Option for "Sharing a Post" on other social media platforms
  • Upvotes, Comments and other features for Blogs
  • Notifications
  • Activity Log for every user
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