Many people, especially university students, often rent or lease places due to school and internships. This was especially true for our team, as three of us leased from Icon Waterloo, which did not finish construction on time. As a result, we had an extensive room condition form to fill out.

What it Does

This is a simple webapp which puts the room condition form online. Users can select different parts of the floorplan and record any deficiencies. Everything is digitally submitted back to the landlord who can automatically generate printed reports on damages.

How we Built It

This app was built using the MRN stack. Okay, that's not a "real" stack but we used Node.js as our server, React.js for our database and MySQL as our database. Add, on top of that, a healthy dose of npm modules and we had the perfect recipe for a modern webapp!

Challenges We Ran Into

As with all team projects, teamwork may be the biggest challenge. Even though we had previously specced out the API and how we envisioned the app working, when it came down to execute the coding, we still had differences on how we thought the app would work.

In addition to this, another problem we faced was that not everyone knew how to do all of the components of the app. As a result, there were times where some of us would have nothing to do while waiting for other components to finish.

Finally, integration takes a lot longer than you'd expect, especially when only two people know how.

Accomplishments that We're Proud Of

The password handling is up to industry standard.

What We Learned

Integrate early. Plan thoroughly. Sleep heavily.

What's Next for WhatBroke

Clean up the code including removing any security holes, multithreading issues and inconsistent styling.

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