Recently, I listened to the Gimlet Media podcast Surprisingly Awesome. They mentioned what3words and its application in the Mongolian postal service. In areas without addresses people tell narratives to describe shipping and travel routes. Now that what3words and ESRI have mapped the whole world, we need to add the story back into life. Share a haiku that describes your recent travels with your friends.

What it does

It takes a JSON file from your google location services (LocationHistory.json). It then generates an xml file of the haiku worthy what3words translations of your latitude and longitude changes. A code source from is used to create a random haiku from locations along your journey.

How I built it

RUBY!!! Used ruby gems to grab unique lat and longs of your provided JSON file and then more gems to select strings with 5 and 7 syllables. The code generates an XML code that feeds into Paurian's haiku generate.

Challenges I ran into

Being a NOOB! Getting access to the what3words API which I am still not sure I am techinically allowed to share my developer key from and working with ruby hashes in ways I haven't done before.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

FREAKING HAIKUS!!!!! And creating a short hand for people to share there locations and share what3words and ESRI tech.

What I learned

Ruby, Linguistics, ArcGIS applicaitons.

What's next for what3words travel journal haiku

I would love for what3words travel journal haiku to help people share details of their travels and movements in a human readable way. I would also like to create a website where people can upload their travel journal haikus.

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