It's the same story every occasion. You buy gifts for a set of people, but you wonder if you've already given a similar item to that person.

What it does

what2gift is a gift tracker app that helps manage your gift-giving activities - creating events, adding recipients, planning gift items, generating 'to buy' lists and updating the gift status from bought, wrapped to delivered. Repeat the process for all your events, and you'll never be giving the same gift item to the same person ever again!

How we built it

The app runs on meteorjs. Our brains run on coffee.

Packages Used

  • meteor-base
  • mobile-experience
  • mongo
  • blaze-html-templates
  • session
  • jquery
  • tracker
  • standard-minifiers
  • es5-shim
  • ecmascript
  • fourseven:scss@2.0.0
  • meteoric:ionic-sass
  • meteoric:ionicons-sass
  • iron:router
  • meteoric:ionic
  • aldeed:autoform
  • meteoric:autoform-ionic
  • aldeed:collection2
  • random
  • valedaemon:circular-progress
  • dburles:collection-helpers
  • stevezhu:lodash
  • raix:handlebar-helpers
  • accounts-password
  • useraccounts:ionic
  • useraccounts:iron-routing
  • aldeed:template-extension
  • ongoworks:security
  • momentjs:moment

Try our Demo app

Try our demo app at

Challenges we ran into

  • lack of time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • building something that works within a short time-frame
  • finally have a tracker I can use this Christmas!

What we learned

  • prioritizing what's doable within the given time-frame
  • how to create a screen recording :-)

What's next for what2gift

  • tick off other items in our wishlist such as field for stores, upload a picture of items, etc.

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