We all breathe air, its one of the most essential resources we have. Therefore it is crucial to monitor air quality more actively

What it does

detects air quality by measuring 6 gases, temperature, humidity, pm2.5 particles and pm10 particles, both indoors and outdoors

How we built it

first we built the sensor hardware, then we added a gps sensor and power unit. then we built a visualization engine, and setup redis for livestreaming data. then we drove around the DC area and collected live data. and we can display this data, and any other data we collect live.

Challenges we ran into

integrating everything

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we can get live data. we discovered some problem spots with air quality in the city.

What we learned

publicly available air quality data is too sparse in general

What's next for What The Hack Did You Eat Last Night? AQI

publishing data we find, maybe some corporate/public sponsorship to help us build V2 of this sensor.

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