As a team of first time hackers, we decided that our main goal when choosing an idea was that we should focus on simplicity-- that is, we figured that it would be easy to try and come up with something complicated to try and build, but fall into the trap of getting outside of our depth and abilities to design/manage workflow quick, so we knew we had to "keep it simple stupid". We decided on an app that would focus on building recipes based on ingredients in your fridge.

What it does--

As mentioned above, the original idea was to build something that would keep track of what's in your fridge, and build recipes based on those items. You scroll through a virtual representation of your fridge at home, select items, and then the app should search through a directory of recipes and show recipe options utilizing those ingredients.

How I built it--

We built the app in lua using the corona sdk. We built a series of scenes and used buttons and event listeners to switch between them as needed.

Challenges I ran into--

While we chose something that was simple in scope, we still ran into issues with trying to figure out how to assign roles and keep everybody involved. Two of our four members had never worked with lua before, and the other two members had only been studying lua in a mobile applications development course for roughly a month and a half. We also ran into issues getting everything completed in time-- our goal was to actually have something built and demo-able by the deadline, so we had to modify some of the scope of our application to meet that deadline. We weren't able to implement a way to load new food items into the fridge, and because of the art style there wasn't a practical way to get it done... however we were able to come up with a built proof of concept to show off what we were going for, which I think it does a good job of doing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of--

I am immensely proud that we were able to conceptualize, design, build, test, and relatively finalize an application in the span of 24 hours, working with people who we never have before, and being able to point at something and go-- we made this!

What I learned--

We learned a lot in the course of 24 hours-- we've learned how the MLH community and coming together with similar interests and passions in computer science, and building something together brings everybody together. We learned to push through feeling inadequate or incapable of getting something built by a deadline, low on sleep, and filled with frustration. We learned to push through, keep learning, and to make it happen. The entire experience is completely invaluable, and I learned how much I like hacking code out and getting it done.

What's next for What The Fridge?--

We'd all like to be able to continue developing What the Fridge and getting it working in the way that we originally intended

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