Classic scenario: you are coming home after a long day at work, you are tired and hungry, you don't know what to cook or even what you have in the kitchen. So what happens all the time? You buy things twice, cause you don't remember what you already have, or you forget to buy some supplies that are already expired or that you're running out of. In the world of internet of things, why don't we ask directly to the food packages to notify us when something is missing or expiring?


We want to prove that introducing internet of things into your kitchen can be easy, useful and fun. With simple distance sensors attached to your kitchen supplies containers, we can measure the level of your supplies and have a mobile app that is giving you an overview of your products. The app can also give you notifications when something is about to be finished or expired, and directly show you some options to order food online or check the best offers available on the market.

How we built it

Our prototype is composed by an hardware board component, a node server and an iOS native app. We placed the sensor on top of a glass jar; it will measure the amount of your kitchen supply, and send the value to our node server via websockets. The node server will then send the data to all registered clients (that are not sensors), in this case only our iOS native app, that will immediately update their status, show to the user the current values and eventually suggest other actions.

More tech details

Hardware component: C++, Arduino sketch IDE, node mcu (ESP8226) Node Server: websocket, express.js iOS native App: React Native, node.js

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