Jessamyn Smith's brilliant idea detailed at

What it does

It replies to "That's what She said" jokes with quotes from notable women.

How I built it

Used the hipchat node.js library to get the integration working. Deployed to Heroku for painless hosting.

Challenges I ran into

The documentation is quite sparse/confusing in places.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Helping in whatever little way I can!

What's next for What She Really Said

It's an open secret that there's underhanded sexism and small sexist jokes pretty much everywhere in the tech industry (especially in chat rooms). I'd like to take inspiration from Jessamyn and continue evolving the bot's algorithms (there are a bunch of other quotes I'd like to auto-reply to with witty and shaming comebacks). Eventually, I'd like it if the bot can be take the triggering phrases and replying quotes as input from the administrator of the room.

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