Inspiration Asking for people's numbers can be an awkward and difficult thing to do, with the pressure of saying the right thing and not coming off as too forward. It's time for a change! With What's Your Number? you get to ask for people's numbers in a fun, creative way. The other person will get blown away by the uniqueness and ultimately think of you as a super cool person :)

How it works Input your phone number in the key pad on the shirt. Watch in the LCD Display the numbers to make sure you're typing correctly. Then press the checkmark/submit button. Your number will be texted to the person wearing the shirt, and the person wearing the shirt's number will be texted to you. It's not just a cooler process, it's an easier process.

Challenges I ran into The biggest challenge was to connect the touch sensors (the keys) to the shirt while making room for the wires and Intel Edison board. It took 4+ hours to do, but it got done in the end.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of Ultimately we got everything in place and it's there to stay! Everything works, and the aesthetics aren't bad either--we customized the background color of the LCD Display and used what we had (masking tape and accurate fingers to tear with) to make neat keys.

What I learned We learned how to integrate Mashape's APIs, embedded Linux, and about the Edison. We also learned how the design/organizational component of a project can sometimes take the longest.

What's next for What's Your Number? If we decide to expand this, the shirts would for one be much less bulky than it is at the hackathon since we would be able to use specialized hardware with only the features we need in the small size we need it to be in. We can also expand the concept behind What's Your Number to make interactive shirts with more than exchanging contact info; for example, we are interested in incorporating a microphone and a speech-to-text API and see what possibilities that combination entails.

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