As college students with busy schedules we often forget what we have in the kitchen back home. Whenever we go shopping we forget some or the other thing. We built this app so that we no longer have to worry about missing ingredients for a recipe

What it does

Our application monitors the food items available in the kitchen. Once a photo of a food item is taken our application sends a list of options to the user to chose from. Once the correct object is chosen, it is stored in our database. It keeps track of the item, quantity and expiry date. The app can also be used to look up recipes online and it determines what items we need to add to our grocery list.

How we built it

We have a flask server running on the Qualcomm dragon board. An android application communicates with this servers and sends and receives information. The data is stored in an online MongoDB database. Most of the code is written in python with the android part written in java on android studio.

Challenges we ran into

We had problems early on running the dragon board headless due to the lack of a display. We did not know how to use android studio well and run into multiple problems with HTTP requests. Setting up multiple API's to work in sync was also very difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a IOT smart application in less than 72 hours. The application works well and we got to learn a lot of things in the process. We set up a flask server for read/write access from multiple devices. We used multiple API's for image recognition and recipes

What we learned

Android programming is quite difficult and there are a lot of small bugs to avoid. Running the dragon board headless required setting up the network and using multiple ssh sessions. We learnt how to use flask to create a central server.

What's next for What's There?

Whats There? can be expanded to remember more than just kitchen items. We can expand the program to remember other shopping list items. We can also add more devices and access points for editing the database(PC).

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