The inspiration for this application was those situations where you're able to get a group of people together but you aren't sure what activity you want to do. In order to stop the meeting from falling apart before its even started, What's the Move? will present you with a list of activities you and your friends can do.

What it does

The app allows you to enter an a number of people and outputs a list of activities for that amount of people in response. This list includes a minimum and maximum number of players, a short blurb about the activity, a link with more information, and a predicted amount of time to perform the activity (exact amounts aren't implemented and are a proof of concept). Once you search based on a number of users there's also a button that will show you a random activity if you'd rather do that then scroll through the list.

How we built it

The app was built using Java, Android Studio, and Kotlin.

Challenges we ran into

Maneuvering the unwieldy UI system in Android and learning how to use more complex UI features such as stylizing text and UI elements.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The majority of the group are rookies and haven't done development in Android before, so it's an accomplishment to get the app ready to demo.

What we learned

We learned about development in Android, mobile UI, and usage of Java and Kotlin in Android Studio.

What's next for What's the Move?

Implementing proper times, adding longer blocks of information before offering the option to open up a new link, and possible additional search filters would all be useful and interesting additions to What's the Move?.

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