Collateral consequences are legal and regulatory sanctions and restrictions that limit or prohibit people with criminal records from accessing employment, occupational licensing, housing, voting, education, and other opportunities. Collateral consequences most frequently affect people who have been convicted of a crime, though in some states an arrest alone—even an arrest that doesn't result in a conviction—may trigger a collateral consequence. Some collateral consequences serve a legitimate public safety or regulatory function, but many collateral consequences apply to people convicted of any crime, without regard to any relationship between the crime and opportunity being restricted, and frequently without consideration of how long ago the crime occurred or the person’s rehabilitation efforts since. Collateral consequences of overbroad restrictions that offer no chance to overcome the restriction function as additional punishment and may discourage rehabilitation and ultimately increase recidivism.

The Solution: The collateral consequence information needs to be readily available fulfilling the following criteria's: -The information needs to be searchable based on pre-designed filters -The app should provide legal information in simple and concise words. -Indicators should highlight the intensity of the crime. -The app should be available in offline mode as many courtrooms internet accessibility issues.

The above idea needs to be implemented.

The Future -The Collateral consequences information from NICCC needs to be scraped and simplified in language to be commonly understood by Attorney and Defendant -A lightweight repository – unloadable file needs to be created -The app modules/screens need to be created. -The information needs to be updated to support other state laws along with Texas.

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