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For the hundredth time, you got a great song stuck in your head but couldn't remember which song. You desperately want to find out the name of the song and the artist who sings it. You only know how a tiny part of the verse goes, and you try singing it to your friends. They turn out to be useless. "Only if my Google Assistant can listen to me sing, not laugh at me and tell me the name of the son", you thought to yourself.

What it does

That's exactly what it does! Simply say "Hey Google, what's that song called again?" and sing the only part you remember, this Google Assistant App will search the world's largest lyrics catalog and tell you the name of the song as well as the artist; this app can then search the Spotify API and play the song for you if you wish -- so much more useful than your friends (when it comes to identifying songs).

Surely, thanks to the power of APIs, there are tons of other information about the song in your head that this App would have been able to tell you just by the API calls alone, had the time permitted.

How we built it

This app is mostly powered by Voiceflow, which allows a very efficient workflow for voice assistant development. We were able to use Javascript as well as codeless native Voiceflow and external API integrations with Spotify and Musixmatch, which significantly reduced our engineering overhead and allowed us to explore different APIs to provide users the best experience.


The biggest challenge we faced is definitely the integrations with external APIs. Some of the APIs that we used have docs that are out-of-date, and it's only a normal part of a tech worker's life. We had to struggle a lot with the exact usage of these APIs and it certainly took a lot of trials and errors. We did a lot of research and eventually realized the problems that were blocking us, and immediately wrote our own code to engineer the workaround for them.

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