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I record a lot of Hallmark movies for my Mom (she doesn't have cable) and it has been becoming burdensome keeping track of what is already taped and what hasn't. Also, at this time of the year I am always missing brand new shows that I would like to see because networks start them at all strange times.

I looked for some data sets I can bring into Meteor and use to compare against what I already have taped. Found one and designed an initial site that was going to tell me what TV movies are playing over the next few days, what shows are new, and what movies are playing at the discounted theater near my parents.

What it does

Currently the application shows you the TV movies schedule. The schedule is stagnant, it live feeds the poster art.

How I built it

During Saturday's meetup we discussed using packages with a

  • Models
  • Fixtures
  • Views
  • Router structure when designing your Meteor application. This allows for multiple developers. I started with one dataset, building the models and fixtures and a simple view. Used the localmarkets example to establish the router, and finished with importing a material design css framework from and remade the views and non data driven pages.

Challenges I ran into

There is a lot to learn and not a lot of simple small examples to teach it. I expected to have challenges with the data and I wasn't disappointed. But what I spent a disproportional time on: One importing the CSS framework and then figuring out how to utilize it. (I am a Polymer fan, never really used anything prior to it.) And two, managing dates. my data is based on a schedule date and time, I wanted to group by date (with a date heading) and then sort by time. It was also very hard to discover how to pull a single date of data out of mongodb.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have a working website! I literally had not touched Meteor a week ago. The only work did prior to Saturday was go through the three to do examples and played with the localmarket example. (Oh and attended a couple of meetups). My app need a lot of work but I am happy with the structure and believe adding the rest of the functionality will follow what I have already done. Well except security.

What I learned

How to create packages, manage data, utilize routers (very new to this), date management, nested #each, adding resources

What's next for What's on for Mom

I would like to add the two additional screens and datasets I designed. Improve its performance. And add some configuration based on the user.

Built With

  • meteor.js
  • iron-router
  • gracenote(api)
  • omdb(api)
  • localmarket-meteor-example
  • blaze
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