Current online banking practices usually involve remembering a password, consisting of a username and a long, alphanumeric string. This system is not ideal for the modern day, where authentication can be easily automated using services such as usher.

What it does

This system responds to the end user regarding financial requests related to their account. Authentication is provided through Usher.

How I built it

The system frontend is primarily the VUI provided through our custom alexa skill. NodeJS is used for the backend and middleware, and communicates with the usher server for the QR code generation.

Challenges I ran into

Interfacing with the not-so-well documented Usher rest API

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the Usher system to work

What I learned

We learned a LOT about the Usher system

What's next for What's In My Wallet

Adding other forms of authentication

Built With

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