Our inspiration came to us when we had around 13 hours left and still had not project, so Colin (my partner) and I just quickly though of an app. I thought of this app as I recently became very conscious of what I was eating as I wanted to become healthier and lose fat as I started going to the gym and wanted to adjust my diet. Then I found that some restaurants' meat only contains around 50% of that animal and the rest are chemicals. Hence, Colin and I started working on the app with and we created "What's in my grub?"

What it does

The app teams up with restaurants to display the ingredients in the foods they serve to people. So the restaurants can upload all their ingredients, i.e. the ingredients of a "Big Mac" from McDonald's. If the ingredients have not been uploaded onto the app itself, then customers can take a picture of the food, and the app will use image recognition to identify the food and then scan through the internet to find the product and then list all the ingredients used to make it. In addition, a customer can still take a photo of the food, even if it is already in the app's database, and then the app's database will recognise the food and display the ingredients.

How I built it

We used as I am a designer and Colin is a designer.programmer. Unfortunately, he can only code android and we designed the app for both IOS and android and we both worked on a prototype for IOS and android.

Challenges I ran into

I just realised how time-consuming and difficult it is to make a prototype - let alone a completely finished app. Colin and I were so focused on the app's features that we almost forgot about the logo. We wanted it to be original so Colin just made a logo and Gimp. Doesn't look pretty, but at least it's original.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud to have been a part of IncubateX London's Hackathon and have been able to help designing and researching with others as well. I'm rather proud that I even made a prototype app in the first place, as I literally had zero experience before I cam to the hackathon. Honestly, I wanted to learn how to code, but I came out with much more knowledge than I had before.

What I learned

I learned that an idea must be created with all party members agreeing with the idea and feeling passionate about it. At first I was a member of a group that had an idea which I didn't particularly want to do, yet I continued to help, despite feeling a little disappointed. Colin and I were then made 'redundant' and we decided to form our own group in the time we had left and I think we both learned that an amazing idea is formed when all party members feel that it has potential and feel excited to actually make something that can have its own brand and help others.

What's next for What's in my grub?

Honestly, I have no clue. We did not win the local prize for many reasons and my partner does not believe we can win, due to the fact this this is just a prototype. However, I still think it's worth a shot. And even if we don't win again, hopefully someone will pick up where we left off and utilise our knowledge and make "What's my grub?" an actual app.

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