What's Hiding in the Dark Space is a 2 player capture the flag like Arduino Game where one player is the attacker and one player is the protector of the flag. The plot twist? The protector is blindfolded and has to use echo location to locate the attacker!

For more information on how the game is played/made, keep reading or go to my website for a fun, interactive version of the description!

This was my first time working with hardware, and am really proud of the turn out! My roommates and I had a really fun time beta testing the game, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!

Rules of the Game!

This is a two player head to head game with two distinct roles: the attacker and the protector. First player to win 3 rounds wins the game.

The Attacker

The attacker's role is simple, hit the button on the box that the protector is attacking to win, get hit by one of the protector's arrows (socks) and lose.

The Protector

The Protector's job is to protect the treasure box. The major problem here is that the Protector blindfolded, and can not see the attacker attacking. Thankfully, the treasure box has a ultrasonic sensor that beeps faster as objects move closer to it! The Protector has two ways to win: hit the Attacker with one of three arrows (socks) or avoid the attacker long enough for the timer to run out!

Challenges I ran into

Because this was my first time working with hardware, I was not able to implement all the features I wanted to implement. I really wanted to implement and LCD display or a 4 digit 7 segment display to show the Attacker how much time they have left, but unfortunately, I could not figure out how to wire the pieces without the proper knowledge. Because we are online, I also did not have all the parts I needed. I wanted to use both an ultrasonic sensor and an infrared sensor, but I did not have enough power to run both sensors, and I ended up short circuiting.

Accomplishments and What I Learned

I am very proud of my final product! I have always wanted to try hardware, and I feel like my final product was very impressive for a beginner. I learned how to wire and how to set up hardware based on charts. I learned what the different inputs on the controller board do, and how to make LED lights work by connecting them to ground. I learned how buzzer make sound, and how to use a color changing LED light display. I learned how to code using Arduino Uno and how it is very similar to C++! I learned what the different parts in my starter kit are called and I am really excited to try out a different sensor!

Ways to make the make more interesting

  • Change Flag Locations
  • Protector hides the flag in an area the Attacker does not know
  • Attacker is also blindfolded and has a sensor

What's next for What's Hiding in the Dark Space?

I really want to make a digital clock using an LCD display or an 4 digit 7 segment display. I would also like as more than one sensor, for example an IR sensor, and create an algorithm that makes the buzzer beep faster when there is a human in front of it, not just an object.

Prize Category Information

Categories I am applying to

  • Best Domain Name
  • Best Far Out Hack
  • Best Hardware Hack Sponsored

Best Domain Name

My website domain is! The website is not currently connected to the domain, but you can see it at!


I think this project is innovative because it takes a game everyone knows to a higher level that is fun for kids and adults. The more you play it, the better you get, and there are a lot of ways to change things up and make the game interesting if you get to good!


Everything is as fully function as it can be with the given tools! I even fixed a bug where sound interference would cause a random input of 2000cm! I fixed this by disregarding unusual inputs.


I feel like this is practical and actually able to be used! The game is a lot of fun to play, and you can get better at both roles with practice! On the website, I listed ways that you can adapt the game in case it gets boring. There are a lot of ways to keep innovating the game, and if I had the proper technology, I could make the hardware easier to carry as well.


This was my first time doing Hardware, and if it wasn't clear from the _ Accomplishments and What I Learned _ section, I learned a lot by myself!


I am entering the Best Far Out Hack prize track! I was really excited for this track because it is not often I see a prize category dedicated to strictly having fun! I loved making this game, and I loved playing this game!

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