In the excitement I was in, to leave campus for the first time, I had happily given my ID to the securities for verification and left without taking it back. Now that I had lost it, it took me forever to know whether it was in lost and found or it was gone for good. In a grueling process of searching for it from room to room in MB for 1 month, I finally found it in lost and found. This got us thinking about making an app that keeps a record of all the lost and found items , not just the ones that end up with VIT, but also the items that other students have found , making it very convenient for anyone who lost something to trace it down. A well connected system of Whatsapp groups is generally used by students to find any lost belongings where some students usually upload pictures asking if anyone lost said item. Instead of this our app Name can be used to find it quickly. Other helpful ideas like tracking shuttle status are also included.

What it does

Initial the task to be done is chosen(Ex: Lost&Found,ShuttleLocation,etc). In lost and found, it has two sections, one to receive any details about lost item and second for searching up any item you are looking. On the uploaders end, a detailed account of what item, where the item was found, when it was found, picture should be uploaded. On the receivers end, he should first send a 'claim' that its theirs and then upload a proof image or vid along with the claim. In ShuttleLocation, with access to user location and driver location it shows a map of with approaching shuttles and time taken by them. If anyone needs shuttle they request it by pressing a button which indicates the driver too of a need for shuttle.

How we built it

Yet to build it in the upcoming offline hackathon using flutter and other api tools

Built With

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